Monday, January 31, 2022

A bit of kid's clothing and back to work

More of the mini daffodils were cut and made their way home with me, this batch being the white/yellow ones. I have been picking up puzzles and this retro motel sign one was 99 cents at thrift and unopened. 

Yard sales are where I pick up clothing for sale or exchange. Here is the best of the $7 bag of goodness. Red feedsack print trimmed in white eyelet 12 month sized and a red plaid sunbonnet hat. The dress was missing button that I replaced prior to listing.

Having dealt in sewing patterns for a couple of years now, I find that ones that have to do with home decor, New Look and See & Sew brands are non-starters. I was going to pull the retro cut ones but they continue to sell, slow but sure. 

I have greatly winnowed down my fabric stash. I keep only the "cutest" fabric, and get rid of the uglies. All of the odd holiday-themed (i.e., Valentines, St. Patrick's day) is wrapped around eBay orders. This retro typewriter print came in my latest $2 bag of thrift fabric.

Baby Cabbage Patch doll has joined the clan, found at the same hospice thrift a few days apart from her Cabbage Patch sister. This baby version from 1982 set me back $1.99. 

I will keep them both for now, until I go through one of my great decluttering episodes.

This was my final day of reprieve from my full-time job. I hope it will not be too hard going back to full days after 3 months of being off work. There are so many places that I miss in Sacramento, I hope I can go in office now and then for a change of scenery. 

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