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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The magical cactus garden

This flapjack succulent will join the beginnings of my cactus garden. The plants had all been in separate pots, that proved too hard to maintain in our excessive heat summers. 

My magical garden will include some solar lights and other fun elements. I will bring in a transfer of rock for ground cover. 

Reseller update: I have yet to figure out why, when I am listing in a certain category on eBay, that is where my sales will pick up. My recent listings have been books. Course, I always sell sewing patterns no matter what. With over 1,100 patterns listed, something is bound to hit. 

Traits that might set me apart from other resellers, I accept nearly all offers and rarely counter. I even sold a CD for $1, just to get rid of it. 😏

I wrap all of my orders in fabric. I give the stuff away, and then I buy more fabric. There has got to be something wrong with me. I recently bought a kitty cat print, if that is any consolation. 😐

The majority of the things that I buy are $1 or less. It is almost criminal. 

The highest priced item I have listed for sale at $65 is a military book, the 1977 Guide to the Soviet Navy. It was part of a naval historian's estate.

Upcoming events: If I can come up with a proper theme, I will participate in the April A to Z Writing Challenge. I could post sewing patterns that would coordinate with a background story for each letter. 

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