Thursday, January 20, 2022

Finding the Tarot and Marketing on Pinterest

Finding the tarot cards, where did I find an amazing set? In the kid's toy section at thrift, and it was half off day. This is just a sample of the cutting edge artwork. 

Voyager Tarot from 1984. When I am the right frame of mind, I will lay out a reading from this deck. I don't take it lightly that it came into my possession. I love these vintage tarot cards. 

Plunging into Pinterest! I am always looking for new ways to market the products I have for sale. I already have an existing Pinterest account for this blog, I am going to see what type of response I get when I pin the more fun, quirky, and cute patterns. If it generates a lot of sales, I might opt for their business account. 

There are some adworwable sewing patterns, and here is the first one I pinned onto my tam_gonza-ebay-reseller board.

The book listing sessions for eBay have nearly ended. I came into possession, along with the tarot deck, some 1970s publications. 😍 Quilt blocks/pieces have moved next into the listing queue.  

Best book from the estate sale freebies with, at the very least, a catchy title.

I had the blessing of time the past three months. I was off work, for various reasons I won't elaborate here. I was able to catch on listings by devoting approximately 4 hours a weekday it.  Holding steady at 1,700+ listings.

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