Hope Springs Eternal and Some of the Unusual

I am passing through the book eBay listing phase of the death pile. I hold out hope that someday I will find some 💰🤑 dolla dolla bills in a secondhand book, but have found none so far. 

I found this note in an origami book.

We shared souls
We stayed up late laughing and loving and each moment we shared was an eternity of perfect happiness, forever encased in my mind and heart.

A few images from a monthly flea market held up country Amador County. 

And a random share of a Seattle World's Fair pin from 1962 found at thrift. I am recollecting memorabilia from that event I attended when I was 2 years old. 

These Voodoo dolls were one of my favorite finds from last year.

And a few more images from another flea market held in El Dorado County.

Pattern of the Day is this 2007 Women with Wings costume. 


Until we meet again.


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