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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Mini Daffodils and Retro Sewing Patterns

Daffodils are in bloom. There is a section of land between my favorite thrift shop and highway that produces these mini daffodils. Each year, I cut them before the rain comes and destroys their fragrance and bloom. 

Sewing patterns, I love them. The few that I keep are the really old ones, or the ones that intrigue me and I might use one day. This glove pattern makes the most sense since I wear gloves all. the. time. 🧤

A weekend of sourcing amounted to 58 sewing patterns one day, 33 another day, and another 45 in the queue from this month. That puts me at 136 patterns in the death pile. Before I engage in more sewing pattern sessions, I am hoping to make a dent in the CDs, and Boy/Girl scout-related items. 

I upgraded to Windows 11. I had to change my photo editing method seems they monkeyed with that aspect of the program. On the eBay front, they are touting the fact that we can add videos to our listings. I haven't found any vintage toys to demonstrate, so I don't have any YouTube offerings. Prior to this change, one had to upload the iPhone video to another site, convert it, and then upload it to eBay. 

Another small irritation, iPhone images I email to myself transmit as some other format and have to be converted to a jpg/jpeg format. Luckily, most of my images I capture with a 35 mm camera. 

My goal is to end this month with 1,800+ active listings. 💫 

I am unsure whether the Blogging from A to Z Challenge will go forward this year. There have been no 2022 blog posts from that group. 

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