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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Round 8, these rounds will continue until my thrift shops re-open

As mentioned in Round 7, I listed my backlog of specialty clothing. This number sold within hours of listing and another blouse the same day. Clothing is selling! 
I also learned how to issue a refund after a buyer pays. I discovered a stain on the jacket and disclosed to buyer after she paid. You do the transaction through PayPay. You choose refund full amount but then on the next screen you can revise it to the refund amount.

CDs and cassettes are selling. If you aren't listing these "mini" items, you are missing out. I bought cassettes for 25 cents each from a thrift shop that closed last year. I picked the "best of" and artists I thought would sell and they are. 

Ah, another thing. I accept every offer. Well, I should say nearly every offer. I did counter one by $5 and the buyer declined! Then I raised the price on the item by $10, the next buyer countered by $10 and I sold it for the $50 price I wanted. So there. *grins*

One reseller advises to allow for "wiggle room." Don't price your product so low that you can't counter an offer if you want to. When I am listing a unique item, I remind myself "wiggle room" when I price it. 

Local neighbors came through again with a Free sign. I chose 12 articles of clothing and gave a silent "thank you." For a clothing reseller, it is like laying money on the ground. I am there to pick it up. Kinda nice to be bypassing the second hand stores like this. I have become the middle man. 

There is always someone who makes money in times of crisis. The key is to be that person

If you are a thrifter and you are not reselling, time to jump in the game! There is an amazing online audience looking for that widget, or gadget, or something new to wear for next-to-nothing. 

Sharing my ultimate dream with the profits from this business, I want to buy a piece of property in Mendocino County, close enough to feel the ocean breezes. It could happen ...

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