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Monday, January 20, 2020

Real Vacations and Being Whomped

This is so Me. I haven't taken a "real" vacation in 5 years. Most of my paid time off is for taking care of others with a sandwich variant between an aging parent and an unhealthy partner. Such is life right now. In my future, I am sure I will be able to travel to a couple of places in those travel posters. 

I have been organizing image folders and have one entitled "Web Pics" lots of fun stuff, sharing some now. 

Love that Trisha Frankland quote. I have mentioned ugly fabric before. Poor things, behind the door when pretty was handed out. I don't keep that fabric. Sometimes I make a mistake when I purchase fabric lots, such as these. They are not moving, sure a few views but no buyers. I will most likely have to send them back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. 
Tried to sell an Asian-inspired fabric collection and that also ranked poorly. I'm not too upset about that one because I do have as one of my "unlisted" want-to-do projects a Chinese lantern quilt with that fabric. 
This being a low key 3-day weekend, I want to get an apple pie in the oven and pull yardage to list for sale, among other items. 

Kitchen cabinets have been slowly but surely, cleaned, lined with contact paper and organized. We have been having an unusually cold winter that keeps me inside. 

Ending with an admission, I had every intention of listing this Princess MLP I bought for $1. She now resides in my collection room. A forever keeper. 

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  1. So many pretty images in this post. I really like that daisy fabric with the striped background.