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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Thrifty Business

I am sure someone has that as their blog name, today it is my post title. Having watched a few reseller's videos, I have heard the term  "sourcing." They are sourcing for product to sell. I can't quite bring myself to say 100% of what I am buying is for resell. 

This weekend was a good example. Long ago and far away, I gave away a waffle maker. I loved making buttermilk waffles. But in my 10 year long quest to drop extra poundage, I gave up things like waffles. Now that I am holding steady at a good weight, I found a $7 Singer waffle maker that looks rarely, if ever, used. 

I will list 2 of the 4 books I bought for $8. Singer Sewing Book with the white book cover was pub. 1969 and the one with the blue cover in 1953. I absolutely cannot part with Doris's '53 book AND that amazing certificate and ribbon I was surprised to see when I opened the front cover. To make room for the new book from Doris, I pulled a few to list for sale. Trying to keep to my 5 new listings each week goal. I have 25 active listings now.

I have never bought Kaffe Fassett fabric but I have seen it highlighted by other quilters. The photography in the book is stunning. It is not all that bright, bold fabric shown on the cover. There are some downright gorgeous fabric compilations. 

My $1.50 Goodwill bag of cosmetics turned out to be a bonanza! 4 nail polish, 1 full bar of soap, a few body lotion, some badly-needed cuticle creams and oils, and even a Cars DVD. This particular Goodwill is always overflowing with items almost falling off the shelves. 

Upgrading my plates to include this numbered 99 cent one. That green and blue upholstery fabric shown more than once in background? Well, we will talk about that on my January 31st post.

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  1. That was one of Kaffe's first books and most quilts in there were made with other commercial fabrics since he had only designed a couple lines by then. The stripes are his fabric. I was in England visiting my daughter when that book hit the shelves over there (1997) and I waited until the US version was printed before I bought my copy. I still love a lot of the quilts in that book.