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Monday, January 6, 2020

Cutting for the Colorwash Hexi

When I began my research on which pattern to use for my colorwash, there was brief mention and an image in introductory section of Colorwash Quilts of using floral hexagons. The author Deirdre Amsden credits a 1960 publication by Averil Colby entitled Patchwork. I've ordered it from my favorite reselling platform, Ebay. 

Now I have moved from those itsy bitsy pieces usually used in colorwash, to entertaining the thought of using rectangles (but hadn't worked out how to size them) to cutting hexagons. Perfect! That, I can wrap my creative head around. 

Cutting these hexis chewed up stash fast! I can get about 4 hexis per fat quarter. I am about halfway through the mountain. There are more creams and yellows to process. 

My plan for this one is to make another piano key border. As I am cutting the fabric, I am saving the pieces long enough to be strips for the keys. 

Linking up with Beth at lovelaughquilt for Monday Making.
Reselling update: I have 22 things listed right now, mainly fabric related. Dipping my toe into games, vintage cookbooks, and other random items. 

Ending the post with this visitor on New Year's Day.

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