Why Thrifting is Such a Blast

Thrifting is so much fun because you find treasures for reasonable prices and the money you spend is directed towards those in need. While I am not into Pyrex as some, I will buy an Americana pattern bowl for 99 cents. I know the Pyrex people out there could identify this pattern. 

I cannot resist cookie jars. My luck a cookie jar collector's wondrous items are coming through thrift. This blonde-haired little red riding hood entered my life for the low, low price of $4.99. I could not be happier! My 1991 Encyclopedia of Cookie Jars lists her at a $90 value but I am not giving her up. 

My final thrifted finds of the day were these two Charles Wysocki puzzles. I am saving those for my not-too-far-off retirement. I had some gorgeous puzzles from the 1970s, but gave them all away years ago. Now, it seems they are trending back in style. 

Reseller update: Books are selling. It seems that whatever I am listing at the time, seems to be what is selling. I am overloaded with books right now (and CDs, if truth be told). 

Total sales for 2020? Over $4,200. My goal was $3,000, so I more than exceeded that amount. Let's set the bar high, my goal for total sales in 2021 - $8,000. I have been listing items with higher values so I can sell less, and make more $$.


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