Monday, March 5, 2012

Madame Alexander doll mugshots

I got such a kick out of posting Barbie mugshots from ~ I couldn't resist posting these Madame Alexander pictures from the same site.

First up, is Ms. Poland, while she looks intact the description reads as follows:  "7-1/2" tall.  Comes with a booklet for Madame Alexander dolls and a newspaper clipping of Madame Alexander's obituary.  This doll is in good condition.  The head seems loose to us (if you tilt the doll, the head may flop to the side), we're not certain if anything is wrong.  Eyes open and close."  She is currently bidding at $9.59.

Next is M.A. Vinyl Cloth Sleepy Eyed Doll.  She's lead a rough life. Currently bidding at $6.99.

Sleepy eyed hard plastic doll, currently bidding at $5.00.  Sort of Paris Hilton-esque with one lazy eye.

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