Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yellow tag sale

Eco Thrift on Fruitridge Road in Sacramento, CA, was on my agenda.  Each day is a different color tagged sale and yellow tags were 50% off.

Half off items I snagged were the Merona silk skirt ($3.49), and the yellow tagged frame ($2.49).  Eco Thrift is THE place to get frames, small frames are sold by the bagful, and the selection of larger frames is amazing.  I have a couple of elderly relatives who are not internet savvy so I print out pictures and mail them out already framed.  They love it!  Also purchased were the sleeveless DCC stretch knit top ($2.98) and a bag of fun hair do-dads ($1.98).

Last week's trip to Thrift Town on El Camino Avenue in Sacramento meant an egg ducky (69 cents), a bag of Loccitane samples ($1.49), a pair of Cathy Daniels black polyester pants ($1.49) and an Ann Taylor Loft black print skirt ($9.99, 1/2 off white tags $5.00).

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