Friday, March 30, 2012

Do you believe in ghosts?

This image was taken on the first floor of the Hall of Justice Building (built in 1916) in Sacramento, California.  I photoshopped out a few of the random orbs that appeared in the original picture (which I have posted at the end of this blog).  But first - Friday's styling the find, the Ralph Lauren skirt, Van Heusen lavendar shirt, and the Liz Clairborne jacket were all thrift shop finds.  

The Hall of Justice over the years was the location of the police department, the health department, a hospital complete with maternity ward, surgery room and emergency room, a meat inspector (not all in the same rooms or at the same time), a City livery and wagon room, a municipal courthouse, judges' and attorneys' offices and a complete jail (there are still bars on some of the windows).

On the fifth floor walk-up you can see the pockmarks caused by bullets that the police used as an indoor shooting range.

The building is currently on lock-down so the public does not have access inside.  I was involved in the converting the 4th floor from raw space to office space and never have I encountered such unusual noises.  When I was speaking to the contractor, we would hear scratching noises emanating from the 5th floor.  Now, while those could be attributable to rodents, I never saw rodent droppings up there.  A former employee once commented, "You could get stuck up and there (on the fifth floor) and no one would ever know."  

On occasion, I would work late at night in the building and sometimes would hear the sound of children's voices (there are no children in or around the building).  

PJ Provencial in an article (publication date unknown) entitled 813 6th Street Revisited, for the Sacramento Police Officers Association,  notes:

"The old Hall even sports its very own ghost.  Often seen and heard roaming the floors, rumors persist that it is the otherworldly presence of a deceased prisoner.  Several people I talked with mention strange things occurring, cold blasts of air, feelings that they were not alone or that they were being followed and even reappearing images of an officer, seemingly distraught, sitting on a bench in the basement, an area that once sported a locker room."  

Back to the original photograph - there is one ghosties who seemingly decided to get up close and personal (see the largest orb).  I also count an orb to my left, another small orb on my jacket and another small orb on my skirt.  This was the only image of six taken that show these entities.  I did not photoshop this picture and have never had these type of orb objects appear in any of my photos before.

So, tell me, do you believe in ghosts?

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