Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sometimes it's just a CD ~ Andrea Bocelli

I hadn't visited On a Mission Thrift in Jackson, California in quite awhile.  The shop had been reorganized.  Unfortunately, they still are pricing the clothing too high.  A used skirt for $15?  That is a big NOT.  But this Andrea Bocelli Cieli Di Toscana CD for $1, now we're talking.  I don't understand a word of Italian but with a voice like that, I don't need to.

Dropped in to Community Hope Thrift Shop in Amador County, thought I would give it a second chance, but this is a junk shop.  I know, I know, a fine distinction between a thrift shop and a junk shop, but that is what it is.  CHTS prices too high and is forever off my list.

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