Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Plant a Tree!

I took this photograph a couple of years ago when I was cycling down F Street at the corner of 15th in Sacramento.  One realizes how rare these moments are - here is a picture of blooming branches from a plum tree, but the blooms are all gone now because of the rain and recent high winds.

March 5, 2012

Epic Region-wide Tree Planting Campaign Begins!

30,000 Trees in 30 Days – A Call for Action!

In celebration of the Sacramento Tree Foundation’s 30th Anniversary, an ambitious challenge has been issued to our community: a month-long call to action to pledge to plant 30,000 trees across Sacramento’s six-county region.
In partnership with Greenwise Joint Venture, the Sacramento Tree Foundation asks our community to “speak for the trees” and make their pledges from March 7 through April 8, 2012 at

I recently planted a small maple tree that had grown from seed, so I did my part.  

Artist unknown.  Isn't it lovely?  

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