Baby doll mugshots

What draws me to these sad little dollies? is veritable gold mine of baby doll mugshots.  Here is the latest round of "inmates."  Lee Middleton Angel Doll, currently bidding at $10.

20' Composition Doll Molded Hair Sleep Eyes, currently bidding at $5.  "Has molded hair and applied wig held on by a rubber band."  Reminds me of the older ladies that insist on wearing their wigs askew.

Effanbee 1975 Hard Plastic Doll, currently bidding at $5.  Is it just me or does she look like Kat Von D?


I used to have a Chatty Cathy doll and am sure I found nothing sinister about her then, but I do now ... she is currently bidding at $9.99 (is 666 upside down ACK!)

This baby doll just wants a home - doesn't he have haunted eyes?  Hand Painted Hard Plastic Doll currently bidding at $5.