Trios ~

Trio of bunnies.  These ceramic cuties were obtained at a silent auction at a Ducks Unlimited dinner earlier this month.

Trio of Clamdiggers.  This image was from my first batch of "rescued" slides.  It was labeled, "Clamdiggers, WA, 1953, Heil, Ethel and Mama Newe in car."  It is one of my absolute favorites.  There is such an innocence and exuberance about these folks.  You can see the family resemblance between Heil and Mama Newe.

Trio of Hispanic Gentlemen.  This final image was in the batch I bought with the Ion slide scanner just the other day.  It was unlabeled but the other slides were images of Mexico taken some time in the late 1960's early 1970's.


The bunnies are cuties BUT OH THOSE CLAMDIGGERS! I adore them.
Lynn said…
LOVE the clam diggers! They look like they are truly happy:@)
PS-this is my 3rd attempt to get the word verification right, please turn it off.
Trisha said…
These slides remind me of my parents' travels - they were in South America in the mid-late 70s.
Mina Lobo said…
I dig this "trios" pictorial idea! (Plus, I've got this mildly OCD way of needing to do or buy things in threes. :) Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

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