Thursday, March 1, 2012

Barbie and cashmere

Popped into SPCA's E Street Thrift Shop in Sacramento, the brown Charter Club cashmere sweater was $8 (no holes, slight pilling but nothing a lint brush won't solve), then off to the dry cleaners.

Dolls were 75% off.  Barbie fashionista had to be mine, she even has her SHOES!  Some thrift shop dolls are so pathetic looking, they never had a chance in the first place or they are used up and shopworn.  Scrolling through is like a doll mugshot gallery.  There are pictures like this ~

1966 Barbie currently bidding at $6.99.

1960's Barbie currently bidding at $66.00.  

Bubble-cut Barbie 1963 currently bidding at $51.00.

Makes my gal look like a real find at $5.00.  

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