Friday, March 16, 2012

The Luck O' The Irish ...

ok, not so much luck as persistence.  It was 50% off clothes at Thrift Town and the Irish gods were smiling on me because I was able to hit a lull in the lines to get in and out quick.

The first goodies were the March of Dimes ducky with rabbit ear hat (69 cents) and a bag of toys ($1.99) which I bought specifically for the pink floral framed sunglasses.  I have an Easter photo shoot coming up and those two items will be part of it.  I threw out half the toys from the bag because they were damaged and gave three sets of crayons and three Little People toys to a darling Hispanic woman and her small daughter at the Mexican food place I frequent.

I blew the budget on this vintage pin which can also be worn as a necklace ($15.99).  It is so delicate, has all of its jewels, is marked 12 KG and a really bizarre factoid, it is engraved "Phyllis."  That is my mother's name.  I had to look at it twice, as the engraving is very, very small.  It really makes you wonder - how this piece came to me, of all of the pieces of jewelry I could have chosen.

And on to the clothing, a lovely Ann Taylor beige print skirt ($4), and brown Dalia Collection linen blend skirt ($1).

Ending up with one of my favorite labels of clothing - Jones New York brand olive green jacket and skirt combination ($5).  I snapped that up so quick I didn't even have time to examine it.  There may be a problem with a small oil stain on the jacket but I'll consult the dry cleaners.  But for $5 - just the skirt is well worth that!

Hoping you too have the "Luck of the Irish" over the next couple of days.

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