Dana Buchman and more

A gorgeous spring day has developed in Sacramento.  One of the upsides to shopping thrift in a major city, is the high-end label clothing that just goes for the taking.  The Jessica Howard two-piece linen blend sleeveless dress with short-sleeved jacket combo was $11.99, and red-tagged items were buy one, get one free so the cashmere Daniel Bishop long-sleeved print sweater was the freebie.  Next to that is the Dana Buchman skirt for 99 cents.  It needs a little TLC, such as pulling in stray fabric pieces but that is easy enough done.  The skirt is lined with this adorable fabric that is also used as edging at the bottom of the skirt.  One of the other shoppers actually brought it to me, she was such a sweetie!

Here is a better shot of the cashmere sweater.  Did I mention my dry cleaners call me the "sweater lady?"

Snagged this Ion slide scanner for $2.99 (yes, I know I already have one) but I can use it as a backup should my other scanner fail.  Inside the box are also packets of 35 mm slides labeled "camping trip 1974-1975."  It will be interesting to see if there are any fun images I can manipulate and post later.