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Friday, November 17, 2023

Hawaiian shirt quilt completed

Commission quilt completed with first Tiki Tami Products Label! 💥🌠🎉

These king-sized quilts are behemoths! Even though I didn't have to quilt it, I decided on hand sewn French binding. Total time spent just binding the quilt? 10 hours. I plan on machine binding all of my upcoming quilts. 

Links to my previous posts about the process. 

Here I am proudly displaying the quilt with the mini-quilt behind me.

My tiki bar quilt listed on Etsy is the only one of its kind. I am curious to see if it will sell - with best chances coming in December with gift purchases. 

eBay seller update: Yarn has been moving in sales these past couple of weeks. It only makes sense, if someone has a project or has requested a certain color or certain yarn. These sales make room for my church rummage sale yarn haul. Still in tubs and bags, they have to be the first listing session in my queue. 

I utilize a catering box as my yarn storage area. 

I always have sewing patterns to list. Here are those waiting their turn. 

Thanksgiving weekend is fast approaching. I opted for a lunch reservation with a few of the kin at a local restaurant. I added up the cost of hosting the dinner at the house, and it would have cost MORE in money and effort. The effort cost being cleaning and decorating the house, setting the table, preparing the meal, serving the meal, cleaning up after everyone. 

This weekend, the focus will be to work on the food bank donation quilt. The backing is nearly complete and many of the pieces are cut for the blocks. 

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