Thursday, November 2, 2023

Here We Are In November

Last month, I picked up a couple of bags of fishing items at thrift. I can't resist these retro lures. In one bag was a 1960s Shakespeare Criterion fishing reel. The Mr. seemed pleased with it. 

Seller update: I continue to cull my non-performing listings on eBay. This time my attention turned to CDs. The one problem with deleting listings is sometime a random one will come through that I have to cancel. It has also happened with a sewing pattern I was sure I sold earlier, then it sold again. I could not find the pattern anywhere, and had to cancel that. 

Back to my CD culling. I kept CDs on the board that were (1) relatively rare, and (2) priced above $15. The ones under $15, of which there were many, were priced at least $10 above my competitors. It was actually embarrassing. No wonder my CDs weren't moving. One of the best features of an eBay listing is the "Pricing" section. There one can find the Average Sold Price, if there is one. 

Clothes were 1/2 off at hospice thrift. A dress rang up as a child's piece of clothing was actually a women's size 9 Jessica McClintock. A delightful gown. My Ugly Christmas Sweater posts on my Countdown to Christmas are being replaced by the Simply Delightful Thrifted Ball Gown. If I can't ever wear it anywhere, I might as well highlight it on this blog.

Also at that thrift shop visit I gained a 99 cent Barbie plastic boat. That will have to be decorated for a Christmas photo shoot before I list that plastic wonder for sale. 

Next month, we will be having a White Elephant Gift Exchange at work. I was delighted to find a fishing reel toilet paper holder $2.99 at thrift. Most definitely White Elephant. 

This cutie pattern was snapped up last month by a buyer.

Countdown to Christmas begins on December 1. Be sure to visit each day for fun and unique holiday posts. 

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