Friday, December 16, 2022

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Day 16 to the Countdown to Christmas is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Wait until the last minute to photograph the sweater, and the one I had planned to highlight had a zipper break. I fell back on one of my old reliables and favorite sweater. 

Here are links to past year's modeling events:









I have reinstituted the tradition of sending Christmas cards. The past few years I haven't sent them out, but with mom's passing this year, the gesture became essential. There are friends of ours that I do not want to lose contact. 

Thrifting update: I continue to search for CDs but mainly those new in package, rare issues, and popular holiday recordings. One food-bank-related thrift shop sells CDs 4 for $1. I just can't resist buying them! A couple of years ago I got so overwhelmed with my CD collecting/intending to list them, that I just threw the lot into a large tub and donated them all to Goodwill. 

This month, I engaged in a couple of CD listing sessions on eBay. Christmas CDs sell well into January, oddly enough they sell year round.  

What I am Listening to - Bobby Sherman My Christmas Wish
Bobby was all the rage when I was a teen. 

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