Horrible Holiday Suits and Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This year's Ugly Christmas Sweater is a $3.50 thrift shop rescue, a Casual Corner Classic.  

Sharing in Style with the delightful Ms. Papelicos for a topic free linkup and Christmas-2014.

This startled little gal is selling her Ugly Christmas Sweaters on debs-fun-finds/Tacky-Christmas-Sweaters

Luckily, I was able to grab this full body image before she beheaded herself in her images on her merchandise postings. 

All the right fuzz in all the wrong places

It was inevitable that horrible holiday suits would make an appearance http://shinesty.com/collections/ugly-holiday-sweaters-suits

Thrift Town is holding its 4th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Here is a link to the contest entry form Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-Contest_2014

What I'm Listening to, Ray Conniff and singers.


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