I dearly love Maxfield Parrish and by golly it's Deer Day

Never would I have thought I could afford a Maxfield Parrish print. That item was on my "bucket list" of things I have always wanted.  

Mr. VZ was pheasant hunting so I was let loose on the thrift shops. When I inquired about the print the volunteer said it was $200.  I said that was too much for me to pay.  She said, "How about $50?" I asked, "Will you sell it for $40?"  I am now its proud owner.  Most of these prints don't have the depth of color that this one has retained. I thanked her and said the print was going to a home where it would be much loved.  

The balance of my thrift shop acquisitions totaled less than $20.00 with Christmas items being half off and priced to move. 

I lucked out finding next year's Countdown reference book from 1969 of The Family Christmas Book by Barbara Rinkoff.  I also purchased the AVON green Christmas tree I had highlighted in my AVON post.  

The brown skirt with pink beaded border was a steal at $1.50.  Both the NWT lovely colored throw and the Neutrogena travel bag complete with all of its travel accessories (shampoo, soap, etc.) appeared to be pre-Christmas discards.  

The August silk long sleeved shirt is actually black (even though it appears blue in the picture).  Angel is a little chipped up but I don't care, she fits in perfectly with my other chalkware angel.  The yellow plastic orb necklace seems like it was made to go with the purple tree pin.  

Moving on to Deer Day on the Countdown. 
This etsy seller has it nailed down when it comes to presentation.  This 60s plastic deer is a mere $13.

Plastic popcorn reindeer via etsy.

These two rare ebony reindeer were on my watchlist on shopgoodwill.com.

What I'm Listening to:  One of the best of the bunch of this year's Christmas CD thrift shop rescues.