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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Stitchery and Such

Day 8 to the Countdown to Christmas highlights some fancy needlework. 

Just like that little elf pictured above, I get into the holiday spirit by wrapping my eBay orders in holiday fabric. I put them all in a tote and deliver them directly to a mail stop in Sacramento or to a small-town post office where I live. 

These are two kits I had queued up for my completion. When will that happen? The 12th of Never, so that is why they went up for sale.
This kit is nearly completed

Going through my boxes of Christmas, I decided to cull items from my Tami plastic tubs. This angel in Christmas gown cross stitch was one of them. She sold within hours of listing.
What I'm Listening to - The 4 Seasons' Christmas Album

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