Monday, December 5, 2022

Christmas Quilts and Donating Time

Seven years ago, I donated this poinsettia quilt for a work raffle gift basket. 

Kitty cat quilt in the wild, more about that process below. 

Day 5 to the Countdown to Christmas highlights quilting, with one project completed last month. When I was organizing my plaid and Christmas fabric, I discovered the Glad Tidings quilt panel. I know I bought it secondhand but can't remember where and when. It is possible it has been in my stash for a number of years. Since I am back in office, it was time to decorate with one of those types of hangings. 

Pieced backing

Selvage showing Glad Tidings fabric by RJR Fabric

Detail on the binding stitch

Quilt in the cubicle

I made a number of changes on this project. I used wool rather than cotton batting. I may buy that on my next retail purchase. I think I am allergic to some cotton battings. My nose itches constantly and I sneeze way too much. 

Pre-printed panels really are fun to work with. Since the pattern is stamped on, you don't have to piece it. 

Rather than cut separate strips for the binding, I used backing as the binding. I have specialty stitches on my Baby Lock and used a star pattern. I will use that method for some gifted quilts. I hand sew the binding for my keeper quilts. 

This kitty cat quilt was for a raffle gift basket at work.  

A rainy day allowed me to complete this project in one day from start to finish. 
Total time involved was about 8 hours. The image below is what I call the "unwinding stage." To keep the top and backing from puckering, I wind both onto 8' long painted baseboards. Then I unwind the top, insert the backing, and unwind the backing, pin basting the quilt sandwich together. 

Mistakes were made, and it isn't a masterpiece but will work well as a cute throw quilt, measuring 48" x 48". I toned down the creepy cat print fabric with purple print borders and kitty in a teacup pink print. 

The reason I can give away fabric is I simply buy too much. This stack of mainly chintz and one of my absolute favorites midnight blue batik were $2 at thrift. 

I made this Christmas quilt two years ago. 

Moving past my creative log jam this year, I also finished off a baby quilt this month. Dash, my daughter's cattle dog, has photobombed my effort. 

What I'm Listening to - John Denver Christmas Celebration Concert

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