Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween!

The patch was part of a 99 cent bag of scouting badges. So cute!

Estate sale finds $40 for the lot, included Air Force patches

Books, vintage fabric (also shown in the image backgrounds) a gypsy composition doll, costume jewelry, and a wooden box inlaid with sewing characters. Gypsy doll will definitely make another appearance on the blog. I can't believe she was left outside in the rain, there was a roomful of dolls for sale inside. 

It was the estate of a costume designer, as evidenced by the books I brought home with me, and inquiring of the people on site. Included in the $40 lot was 51 sewing patterns, mainly vintage and mainly cut. 

This 1984 Berenstain Bears pattern was the funkiest of the bunch.

There was a small plastic container included in the estate sale, the ceramic cat looks over the beaded purse that was disintegrating. The beads are still good but are the tiniest beads I have ever seen.

I was thrilled to find the Goth choker and a pin that looks suspiciously vintage. Gold fringe earrings a bonus. 

Trail cam images: Me - the lens was foggy from a recent downpour. 

The inquisitive deer

Reseller update: Now that I am working my way through my death pile of Christmas CDs, I am going to start checking the back of the CD as well as to see if the CD is in its case. Usually, Christmas CDs get very little play, but some do show signs of wear and I can't list those. 

I splurged and purchased a new Jensen CD player. Playing Christmas music of just instrumentals makes for some nice background music working from home. I can't listen to vocals because then I get distracted. I've saved around 50 new CDs I have to decide if I am going to keep or sell. I've got to take another dive into my collection and try and winnow it down again. 300+ Christmas CDs are too many. 

My mere 1,500+ listings on eBay now have a total value of over $20,000! My goal is $10,000 total sales by year's end. My sales have been down 20-25 percent over the last two months. Here's hoping it will shift into high gear. 

A Halloween Madam Alexander modeling from a thrift shop shelve. 

Ending the post with a couple of plants that came home with me from another estate sale. I believe the first is a ruffled geranium, and the second a spider plant that still needs a little trimming up. 

It has been awhile since I have purchased plants. These two were just the right size to transport home and join the garden. 

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