I Made the 1,500 Mark and Terrific Tarot Cards Found Me

I made my goal of 1,500 total listings. A. lot. of. work. The last 200 or so have been Christmas CDs. Supposedly, there is a reseller in my area with 30,000 listings. I am betting that is a full-time job. 

Algorithms fascinate me. I don't understand all of the ins & outs of eBay's algorithms, but I do know when I am listing in a certain category, that is where I am usually getting the sales. I was going great guns, then suddenly sales dropped off 50%. Sewing patterns still remain the most watched item. 

I continue to refine listings. After I pass a milestone, such as this 1,500 one, I work up a buffer of about 25 items. With that buffer, I start ending low performing listings. My intent with CDs is to lot the lower priced ones together. 

One aspect I do enjoy about composing the listings, is discovering the potential value of an item. I spend 25 cents to $2.99 on CDs, depending on value. Some I know right off have value, the off-beat ones, DDD recordings, and those that are new in package. Buying a CD for 25 cents, and selling it for $25.00 is delightful. 

It is getting harder to find quality clothing at thrift. The second-hand prices have also been raised. I have begun buying retail again, mainly online. Certain retailers offer discounts and credits on buying so cute clothing is affordable.

On the subject of Tarot. I love those kinds of cards. Books in that category also sell. But back to my newly purchased cards at $2.49 from Goodwill. They are retro cool from 1970. The kit is intact with all the cards and the instruction booklet. I think the front has sort of a Barnaby Collins/Dark Shadows kind of look. 

I shuffled the cards per the instructions, then laid them out in the order of the Wish Spread. My querent was whether I would move into a new position at work.

 The key card in the Wish Spread is the 9 of Cups, the Wish Card. 

The 9 of Cups fell in the 15th position, so my wish will be granted or problem solved, at least to some degree. 

Here are a couple more images of the cards from that deck. 

I could envision myself telling fortunes with this deck from my gypsy wagon at Burning Man. 

Oh, and for my post title, that the terrific tarot cards found me, I have read somewhere that cards choose you or you must receive them as a gift. Well, all the leetle Tarot cards call to me!


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