Monday, October 4, 2021

Modeling the State Fair Dress and Missing Work Social Events

Thought this would be a cool fall image - me wearing the black strawberry print dress, with newly purchased thrift shop black leather gloves ($2.99) and black heels. 

I try not to think of all of the fun fall activities I enjoyed prior to this forced lifestyle change. I was also involved in the social committee, planning the fall potlucks, and Christmas parties. Work social activities were my only in-person social outlet. 

For a time, State workers were allowed paid time off to receive COVID vaccinations, to recover from those vaccinations, and to care for a family member stricken with the illness. Those protections ended in September. Now, it is anyone's guess what, if any, protections will continue. 

Reseller update: I continue to list Christmas CDs. I did quite well last year selling those items, people purchased them well into January. I picked up some Barbie clothes so I will lot those up to make a few bucks. I sell a lot of little stuff - but all those littles add up!

The sewing pattern priced the highest on the board is this 1969 Vogue Couturier Design by Fabiani of Italy. If I even pretended to be a seamstress, I would attempt this pattern.

I will begin composing my Countdown to Christmas posts. That activity really continues all year long with image gathering. Countdown to Halloween and a week-long visit to my mom planned at the end of this month. 

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