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Friday, October 22, 2021

Return to Office and the Scissors Holster

I am sure that a scissors holster will come in handy for the zombie apocalypse. It was a 99 cent thrift shop find. 

State departments are slow but sure returning to office. It looks to be a two-day a week schedule in the beginning. That will be ideal for me because I will be able to interact in person with co-workers and I can utilize my vendors I like to use in downtown Sacramento. The Mail and Ship for my package dropoff is a scenic walk past the Capitol. My optometrist and optician are both on Capitol Mall. 

I frequent Freestyle, a clothing exchange, also in downtown Sacramento. I get credit for clothes that I pick up at yard sales or that my daughter has cast off. I have been able to buy a Coach bag, and other upscale pieces of clothing. 

One of my other favorite places, one of the few thrift shops left downtown, is the Goodwill boutique at 1621 L Street, Sacramento. Just a couple of blocks away from my former state department. 

When I am downtown, sometimes I use my hour lunch break to go on a long walk. There has been such an influx of homeless into the downtown area, I am unsure whether I will be able to walk alone. It would probably be a good idea to carry Mace. Maybe I could just carry my lethal sewing scissors? 

I will also have to change my parking habits. Prior to youknowwhat I parked downtown in a relatively affordable parking garage ($140 a month) that was an 8 block walk. Going back to Sacramento means I will have to find a much closer garage and pay more $$$. 

On another subject, working online - after participating in a few online interviews, I am getting the sense that even though people like working remotely, they are fed up with the hybrid interaction of only online meetings. There simply isn't the connection that you experience when you are interacting in person. There is a shared energy that doesn't come across the web. It would be folly for management to ignore this great divide. I think they are considering it, at the very least trying to arrange All Staff in person monthly meetings. 

Segueing to news on the homefront -

We have rain!!! I can't begin to tell you how welcome that is in our dry, dry Northern California. 

We also have our first cord of wood stacked and available for winter use. Last year, the Mr. fell ill and we had no one to help process the wood on the property. We ran out of wood halfway through winter. 

The trail camera is up and I should have wildlife images sure to follow!

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