Saturday, October 16, 2021

Psychedelic Man, I found Fishing Santa

I picked up Fishing Santa $2.99 at thrift. He is a perfect precursor to my Countdown to Christmas posts. I have decided to withdraw from my college classes. It is too much commitment for me to fulfill. Work stress is at a high level right now. I have to remain focused on keeping my health at a even keel. I want to keep doing my fun stuff, like this blog, and my reselling. 

Mystery music lover dropped off psychedelic rock at thrift, and I am the lucky recipient. I also snabbed a pair of sunglasses that will eventually make an appearance, and another set of Tarot cards. These are not as neat as my 70's find of Tarot cards, so they will most likely go up for sale. 

Sometimes a creative project goes awry, and you have to rethink the design. I started this project and decided I didn't like the borders on the blocks. I got the seam ripper out and took all of that marginal fabric off of the blocks. 
I lurk on the online auctions, and found this mixed lot of quilt blocks and fabric. I am hoping those quilt blocks mesh well. Red is a tough color to color match. I spent $30 on that lot. Sometimes I buy random lots, especially if they have quilt blocks. 

Just as I predicted, Christmas CDs have started to sell, so I am keeping a tally from October 15 to January 15 to see how many of them sell. I just put another 25 on the board, have another 25 in photographing process, and another 75 left to list. I went wild sourcing on holiday CDs this past year. My "new" CD rack from thrift is completely full of listed ones.

My good news, in addition, to a week vacation at the end of the month, I have an online interview this week with my former department. It is in a section I had always hoped there would be an opening in my classification. Fingers and toes crossed!

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