Sunday, September 5, 2021

Day 2 of Estate Sale Sourcing, and Garnering the Gown

I don't worry too much about getting to the first day of an estate sale. By Day 3, they are ready to give items away by the bagful. This was the third day of this sale, family had told the Mrs. to "downsize." This staging was only from the outdoor shed, next month would be the contents of the house and garage. 

It was hands down the biggest sale I had ever attended. It took nearly two hours to go through most everything. It was a hot morning, the temps headed to the 100s. Talk about sweat equity, hard work ~ I was even too tired to make the thrift shop rounds after that. There were a lot of clothes and it has been my experience that the best ones are at the bottom of the piles. 

I filled 3 bags at $10 each so $30 "sourcing." I put that in quotes because I did grab more clothes than usual. The blue gingham one is a German girl Halloween costume -Think Viking/Nordic. There is a red cashmere sweater in perfect condition. The jacket to the left has Picasso prints all over it - very cute. It is a keeper. 

What in the world am I going to do with a purple beaded formal gown? IDK. It may appear in the AtoZ Blog Challenge 2022 theme reveal. That introductory post always requires a gown, link to this year's theme-reveal.

I picked up my usual fare of books, most resellers pass on the vintage cookbooks. The Buck Rogers book is in bad shape so I may send it back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. 

And then I grabbed vintage toys, for whatever reason. I think I get caught up in the event, kind of like at an auction. Add in a red Christmas hat with pins, a beaded handbag, and leopard print readers. The nesting doll soldiers have seen better days. They could always be repainted to revitalize them. 

This sale was more for me than for reselling. Sometimes that is OK. For years, my thrifting was all for myself. I will recoup my $30 investment on those vintage cookbooks. 

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  1. OMG I guess she does need to downsize if that is just the shed contents. That has to be so much fun looking through all of the stuff but I would have wilted fast in that heat.