Sunday, September 12, 2021

Welcome to the Ranch

With a focus on things not entirely but very nearly Western. 

My take on the wearing of the coral squash blossom necklace (a recent retail splurge) is it pairs nicely with the Mr. Bill Ohhhh Nooo graphic T-shirt. The Harley Davidson Western hat is one of my fav second-hand finds.

My return to office is scheduled for Mondays and Tuesdays beginning January 1. What I want to see most on my return are the new murals recently painted for the Wide Open Walls event during September. The Sacramento Mural Festival began in 2019 to enliven alleyways and buildings throughout the city. At my previous department, we had a building-long view of Johnny Cash.
We finally had rain, not what was needed but enough to revel in it. A overcast day meant cooler temperatures and I was able to bake the longed-for traditional New York cheesecake with a chocolate graham cracker crust. 

Reseller update: Sewing patterns continue to be solid sellers. I have found that buyers prefer the newer uncut ones rather than the older patterns. I have given the older patterns enough time listed, I will start pulling them from the inventory. 

Two of my fav cookbooks also sold recently, The Joy of Cooking and the New York Times Cookbook. The Red Plaid cookbooks have not been moving like they were a few months ago. 

I pretty much stay away from reselling crocheted items, with the exception of black crochet squares. Seems they have retained the popularity, and these black/grey/pink/white ones I am sure will find a home.

Tub of goodness from a couple of thrift shops included an upgrade in costume might be a Red Riding Hood one but mine will be Oktoberfest girl. The dog print pajama I will wear in the morning when we pull cool air into the house with a whole house fan. 
The Trader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook looks to be a keeper.
And a book find from earlier in the week - Phyllis Diller's Housekeeping Hints.
The problem with dealing in books, or any of my product for that matter, is I tend to keep WAY too much in my collections. 

The $2.99 bag of fabric surprised me with 12 small blue blocks, perfect to supplement any project.
How could I leave you without an actual image from the Ranch? 
Here it is - the henhouse in disrepair. That was back when things were green. It is all things brown now. I keep praying for rain. 

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