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Monday, September 20, 2021

Stacks of books and Mounds of Fabric

That is how tall the stack is of books I have recently listed on eBay. Only one more round of books to go before the September push to list Christmas CDs. Found a wood CD rack at thrift for $15.99, with the ones populating the rack already listed. Before I started listing, I began deleting the non-starters, Big Band and Perry Como type stuff. 

September is my prompt to start preparing my Countdown to Christmas posts. I have photographed my new round of 25 CDs I have found at thrift for my daily "What I am listening to," sections. Also, I have added to my Christmas tree pin forest, and completed a Mary Engelbreit-bordered Christmas quilt. 

On the thrifting front: It never hurts to ask if price can be negotiated. The sewing patterns were priced widely at hospice thrift from 49 cents to $2.99. I asked if I could purchase them all at one price and the cashier said, "How about $10 for the lot?" I said, "Yes!" It turned out to be 40 of them. 

Made the rounds in another city of its thrift shops and found my regular stuff, a couple of cookbooks, and lots of sewing patterns. Goodwill has raised its prices again. It will be harder to source from there if the profit margins keep shrinking. 

CD fun find of the Day - David Cassidy & The Partridge Family. He was quite a heart throb in his prime. 

October is just on the horizon, I cannot wait to be back in Seattle at the end of that month.

My fav hospice thrift produced two large bags of fabric $6.99 for one and $8.99 for the other. I kept half, some of the fabric was not quilting cotton but there were many fat quarters and a few pieces of yardage. 

I removed from listing some bright-colored quilt blocks and Sunbonnet Sues. I continue to winnow down my categories to my major 4 of sewing patterns, needlework kits, books and CDs. I am inching my way to 1,500 active listings!

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  1. You are very lucky in your finds. I have been searching for a few of Billie Lauder's books forever. Still no luck.