Thursday, September 30, 2021

Becoming Rapunzel and Being on Camera

Sometimes there is no sourcing, I don't mind when it is all for me. This cross-stitched rooster came with the lot at a community yard sale. I also spent $10 on a bag of clothes. One garment was a custom-made black print with strawberries State Fair dress. I bought it from a young mother who had special ordered it, wore it once, and now it is mine. I hope to model it in an upcoming post. I even bought a red pinafore on eBay to wear with it. 

Last year, I completed a quilt named Quilter in Quarantine for the fair. I was devastated, I am sure like all fair competitors, when it was canceled. Not only was I competitor, but had obtained a Media Pass for the past two years, and had covered the delightful creations in the crafts pavilion. The Fair will be held in July 2022. calexpostatefair Press-Release

Right now Redwork quilt is in progress. I bought some supplemental fabric at retail. I want this one to be more than a wall hanging. I envision it in an upstairs bedroom in my cabin away from home (still in dream phase). 

Sequeing to my post title on becoming Rapunzel. Have you noticed a trend of women wearing their hair longer, not just long, but extra long hair? Course, there was a time in the not-so-distant past they we didn't even have hair dressers available (unless you were uber rich and could sneak into hair salons). But now, so many of my peers are choosing to wear their hair long. 

Some thoughts on being on camera for remote work meetings, a requirement in my Department.  

Don't fidget or draw attention to yourself. Best to sit stock still, without expression. Maybe an occasional grin is ok. 

The more dramatic the print on your shirt, the better. Same for jewelry, big and bold. This is just in general, not for interviews, blah blah blah. Makeup is a must have, I put on mascara and lipstick. I try to keep the hair under control but am not always successful. 

The search for an in-office or hybrid remote job continues. There are lots of interesting sounding jobs with lots of diverse departments that I have applied for. I had a couple of interviews in September, and here's hoping I will have a few more interviews in October. It is amazingly easy to interview online, most seem to be trending to that type of format. 

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