Friday, September 3, 2021

Getting a System Down, and Beginning the Redwork Quilt

I seem to move faster through listing product on eBay now that I have a system down. After a listing goes live, I move that product's images into an eBay listings folder. I then re-name my images for the next draft. I bring up the template and examine the product to compose the description. Since most of the information is prefilled on the template, I just fill out specific details. 

I nearly made it through the year without any returns but have had 3 cut sewing patterns returned recently. One of my tasks will be to cull all of my cut sewing patterns from my listings. They are a pain to list and sometimes I don't catch it if a piece is missing. I just give full refunds with no reason to return the pattern back to me. 

In answer to my question on an earlier post, "Does anyone knit anymore?" It really was tongue in cheek, I know there are some amazingly talented knitters out there. My question was more are there people learning to knit, because my books for sale on knitting didn't move at all. Quilting books are another story, those are popular, which leads me to believe quilting is more popular than knitting. Discuss? 

Heading into September means #secondhandseptember that encourages everyone to shop secondhand. Course, I don't need any encouragement since that is my shopping method all year long. Annnnd it is National Sewing Month! 

September has always been a kind month for me regarding employment. I have two important much-wanted interviews next week for two very different positions - one in management, and one in a different area of law albeit litigation. This happened to me before when I interviewed for a legal analyst position. Two offers came at nearly the same time, and that is where my path diverged from criminal appeals, writs and trials, into the health care industry. 

Moving on to best of the sewing pattern sessions - this Barbarella-esque cosplay one.

Pattern that trumped Barbarella was this 1968 Simplicity that went into my keeper collection.

I went into my project bags and pulled this redwork quilt one. Mystery crafter had embroidered all 7 of the redwork embroideries. I've pulled my red fabric remnants, showing the cutest of the bunch in the image below. Not sure if I will do the pinwheels, maybe 4 patches between the blocks. 
More items pulled from my eBay listings - ties. While cute, they were not selling. Moving closer to my goal of 1,500 active listings by the end of September. I have 1,400 active listings now. Woohoo!

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