Saturday, September 4, 2021

Traveling to Estate Sales are Well Worth the Effort

I had some extra time on my hands on Saturday morning and traveled to an estate sale. It wasn't a huge distance but it was a jaunt into the country. I will first show the things I didn't buy, and then the $20 lot I did buy. 

Beneath the plastic sailing ship was this sleepy-eyed composition doll. It was second day of the sale and no one had even looked at the dolls in the plastic tub. I laundered her clothes in a lingerie bag and hand mended them. When my mom moved to assisted living we gave away a doll that was similar to this one, only bigger. I figured if I could buy the lot for $20, I would bring this one home with me. 

At the very least, I will recoup my $20 investment with the Monsters, Inc. costume. The books are mainly for me, I may sell a couple of them. 
Boy Scout items were hidden in the bottom of a plastic bag, I snagged the belt with metal awards and the scarf. The belt a sure-fire seller on eBay. 
The Round Up - Let 'er Buck Silk scarf and hat, yep, Tami keepers. The hat has some missing beads, an easy rehabilitation to restore. 
A Western-themed photo shoot is coming up. I bought a statement piece necklace that has been on my Tami wish list for some time. 

And the final find of the day - the embroidered linens, Dutch girls and chicks. The linens have yellowed but my intent for those pieces are quilt blocks or appliques. The chicks are adorable! 
It was a good day. The smoke from the surrounding fires have polluted the area again so another stay inside weekend. 

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