Gearing up for the weekend outdoor sales

I forgot to share this little wind-up cowboy Snoopy. He was part of the estate sale haul earlier in the month. 

I have pulled this cookbook I had up for sale - Disney's Family Cookbook. I wanted to check a recipe from it, so it has come back into my collection.

Since we are on the subject of Disney, this is one of the cutest patterns in the lot of costumes I recently listed on eBay.

I started a new process with listing Christmas CDs. I look up the title first in Terapeak product research in the eBay Seller hub. If the CD is only selling for a couple of dollars, I will just thrift it back. My first batch of 20 total approx. $300 in listed amounts, the lowest valued at $6 (iffy, but still sellable), to the highest valued at $35. Downstairs is the death pile of Christmas CDs, some 125+ waiting to be listed. If I average $300 per 25 listed, I can earn $1,500! 

I seriously have to winnow down my personal collection of Christmas CDs. It must hover around 250-300 or so. I also have to put my Top 20 in a marked container so I can grab them as a must-have in case of fire. 

I've got this weekend estate and yard sales mapped out. I use the Facebook postings of my local paper's listings of sales. Ready and raring to go!


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