Sunday, March 1, 2020

YouTubing It and the IG Quilt Fest

The leaping last day of February meant a $5 bag of remnant fabric was another violation to my Buy No Fabric Challenge. It was all for me at thrift with that and some 50 cent fun things of vintage thimbles, hair ties and a beaded fabric embellishment.  

The remnants were a good purchase though, higher end manufacturers, some novelty prints, some Christmas (which I don't need) but intend on whipping up into a quilt at some point. 

There is a story behind Christmas fabric. Early on in my quilting career, I tried to link up with a certain group of quilters (who shall remain unnamed). I was too late to get in on the ones who were highlighted in the hop, so I linked up my creation in the comments. One would have thought I violated a Biblical rule of quilting blog hops because I received a lengthy STERN email from said blog host. Linking up my post in the comments was simply not allowed, she told me. I obliged by deleting my comment and any reference to her and her blog. It has since left a bad taste in my mouth for holiday-themed quilts. I never finished the quilt I made, it remains a flimsy to this day. 

On to American Patchwork & Quilting UFO challenge. No. 7 was posted for March, on my first list it is a rooster needlepoint, in the queue but awaiting its turn after completion of the magnolia needlepoint. My No. 7 on my second list is a Monet's Garden needlepoint kit up for sale. If it doesn't sell, I won't shed a tear because I will keep it as one of my projects. 

I bought a bobbin winder and think it will be a good purchase because I have heard other quilters say they like them. It is the first sewing machine related purchase that I have bought retail, other than my sewing machine. 

Here is my first YouTube tutorial on my Franklin sewing machine. I hadn't been able to find exact information on it so I am posting what I have learned. I hope to do more of these on how to use the attachments (a lofty goal) and free motion quilting with the machine. 

March is also National Quilting Month and festivities have begun on Instagram with the #igquiltfest2020. I will post on a few prompts as tamaschen.

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