Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Fear Holds Us Back

Something as simple as threading a bobbin, I was afraid to attempt on my vintage machine. In the grander scheme of things once we are through this worldwide disaster, we shouldn't be afraid to live once again. Maybe there will be modifications to our lifestyles. It seems the Mr. and I have been preparing for this change all of our lives. We tend to be isolationists (the Mr. more so than me). We each have projects at home where we tend to lose track of time. That bobbin winder, it works perfectly. 

Minimalist plaid quilt top and backing are now sandwiched. This project used up nearly all of my plaid wovens and nearly all of my flannel stash. I admit I indulged in retail therapy. I had to return the bobbin winder after getting the Franklin machine up and running, and Joann's was open. We continue to be a Covid-free county. It was a great day to be at that retailer because I pulled all half off fabrics or more and they were giving away end of bolt, normally they charge 50% of that remnant. The plaid deer fabric will be the binding. 
Reseller's update: I am moving forward on listing CDs for sale. A sleepless night found me buying CD mailers online around midnight. All of my listings on Ebay had been auction but the company has offered a store subscriber promotion of 50,000 Fixed Price listings. Boy howdy, I am letting them all loose now. 
Needlework kits are selling slow but sure. I figured there was a market for those pre-disaster. 

It took me 3 hours to just photograph what I have to post for sale.  That doesn't include image editing either. I hope it will pay off eventually. I have more of the mindset that selling a lot of little things is just as good as selling one big thing. I pulled cookbooks I never use (why not list them?) and all of those Christmas CDs. 

Keeping busy and taking frequent outside breaks have been my method to stay healthy and happy.  

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