Sunday, March 15, 2020

Dark Days and Crafting Away

Life has certainly been interesting for us all. The Mr. has always been a prepper. What is the Boy Scout's motto? Be Prepared. I picked up this book for resale, it seemed appropriate. I think it will sell. 
I may soon be working from home for an indefinite amount of time. I am just awaiting word. Not delving into the whole situation, but worth a mention. I think there will be a legion of shut-ins. 

Segueing into what I blog most about thrifting, quilting, and a smattering of gardening. 

I picked up at thrift a high grade photographer's tripod for $3. No more shaky images! This weekend's finds included a couple of records, a few CDs, a button book, and some men's clothing at $1 each. The latter I buy to see if it will fit my son, or get credit at Freestyle, a clothing reseller. 
The best of the bunch to me was the $3 bag of Girl Scout items, especially the daisy patches. I could put those on a quilt or mini-quilt. The flag emblems are the bomb too!

Reseller's update: The Art of French Cooking sold. I think the project kits will sell too, with special mention to shut-ins. A Grandmother's Flower Garden partially completed quilt kit will sell too, there is a bid, but I will take a loss. I bought it at auction but when I got it, there was no "spark" of joy. Then sometimes I have reseller's remorse and I un-list items I have for sale. I have done that more than once with kits and books. 

Here is a post on Facebook from Renee Kropat at the Up-Cycled Cloth Collective highlighting one of her creations and the following:
Since my hubby and I are in that older age category that this virus could hurt us, we have stayed out of crowds, do outside walks and one can find me in my studio. Found a twenty year old craft pattern. Using scraps and odds and ends ( I may not have followed the instructions completely) but I like this little guy. Mouse, bear, who knows? I suspect I will get a lot of sewing / crafts done in the next few weeks. Be well all. Glad this group is here.
That is the reason I am going to start listing the craft patterns and keep those kits listed for sale. Creative people will continue to create as an outlet for difficult times. 

Greenhouse update: I will be planting strawberries and onions in the center bed. The artichoke survived its move. I have yet to see if the rhubarb will revive. 
I usually lead off with quilting so I will end with the minimalist plaid quilt flimsy. I took the image in the rain, a much-needed commodity in California. My day involves completing the backing and putting it in the sandwich stage. My Babylok should be ready by the end of the month. I have 2 quilts to bind and 3 to quilt (including this one) in the queue. 
The IGquiltfest continues on Instagram where I am posting as tamaschen


  1. My boys have a whole collection of those survival type books. They're fascinating and we've got four acres -- maybe I should send the youngest out to build himself a shelter. Not that this current situation has him bounding off the walls any more than he usually is.

    Are you staying out of the thrift stores while this goes on? I'm undecided. It seems like one of the lowest risk things I could be doing out in the world, but the spectre of "just in case" is looming.

  2. I am still thrifting but only in my 0 cases reported county.