Saturday, March 28, 2020

Peeking behind the reseller's curtain

Taking advantage of fixed price listings for store subscribers, I continue to compile listings of books and CDs. This stack is my next round to photograph, etc., ad nauseum. I don't know why I hadn't ever done a fixed listing other than I don't think I understood how it worked. All my listings had been auction style. 

Here is my fancy photography setup. Scoring that thrifted tripod for $3 was a happy day. The fancy buffet length tablecloth was also a thrift shop score at $2. 
Sourcing from my own home, there is more than enough to keep me busy.  Too busy, in fact, this does feel like a part-time job. I estimate it takes a solid 8-10 hours to compose 30 listings. From photographing, to editing, to composing the listing, that doesn't include thrifting/sourcing time. I also have templates for CDs, needlework kits, etc. 

I pulled all the cookbooks that I never use and put them up for sale. I have 6 containers of Christmas CDs, each holding 25 of them, yep that puts me at about 150. More than I can listen to each holiday season, it's nuts! I pulled 10 more from my collection to list. 

Slowly, but surely, we have been going through the Mr.'s book collection. We are keeping all of the how-to books, with the exception of those that focus on raising farm animals, we don't want to commit to that. He has flight manuals, dive instruction books, Westerns (keepers), and counter-culture publications from the 60s (also keepers). 

My sourcing moved from a corner of a room to downstairs shelving. I wouldn't mind having a barn-full of product to sell (it could happen), that is a whole nuther post about why I want a barn. The Jurassic Park mug and Jurassic World plush are there to remind to stay with what I know. I have watched quite a few reseller's videos on YouTube and there are BOLOs (be on the lookout) for [you name it]. I bought a couple of those BOLOs, Cadoo games and big girl lingerie. Neither have moved. 

I am so glad I became an Ebay store subscriber so I could take advantage of the promotional listings. Including those items I listed in my first image, it is the first time I have surpassed 100 active listings! A milestone ~

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