Monday, March 23, 2020

Stocking versus Stockpiling

The Mr. and I have played the "What If" Disaster Scenario game for quite some time now. I am not going to list the "What Ifs" because they range from the benign to the extreme. 

All throughout the year, we buy a little more than we could use that week or even that month. Around Christmas when sometimes money lets loose, we buy even more for the year ahead. 

Over the years, I have collected books and publications, some that have long since gone out of print or have been removed from circulation. Some I have even scanned the contents into my computer. 

I have archived 334 recordings (albums) from CD onto my laptop. My music backup nearly filled the 256GB of my Jumpdrive. My vinyl collection is less extensive but encompasses the best of the 60-80s decades. One of note, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition Greatest Hits. 

Reseller update: I have 30 active listings now. My goal is to double that by next weekend. I may dig deeper into my projects and let those loose for another crafter to bring to completion. 

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