Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outtakes and favorities from 30 Days of Photographs III

The best part of any blog challenge are the people, the comments, the images they've posted, the moments we have shared in this blink of time.  Many thanks to the hosts of this event.


My first picture on self-timer for the topic of hair.  Guess I could have used it as my impression of a broken dolly.

A gratitious picture of my CAT.

October has been my month of travel.  I did have a little snafu at the Sacramento airport ~ seems I packed a bit too much!

This lovely is a painting on the side of the outside kiosk at House of Blues in Downtown Disney.

On to my favorites of 30 Days of Photographs III.  All of the images by the participants are worth a visit.

Ziva at Ziva's Inferno, her interpretation of "Sour."

The Artful Diva's posting on hair-today-gone-tomorrow.

Image and resulting story posted by Moonlight Hollow on the subject of "stalker."

Laughingmom's photo of five.

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  1. Wow, did you check that suitcase in or was that carry-on luggage? Nice overview. I enjoyed your photos during the month.

    1. Thanks noname - I have you to thank for discovering these blog challenges, first with WWFC and now with Ziva. See ya round ~

  2. Lol! I love the suitcase photo! Looks like me when I'm trying to pack for a trip. Awesome photos, Tami, and GREAT choices for your favourites. :)

  3. I also love the suitcase photo! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. the suitcase is a fantastic find, remind me of how I feel when I go anywhere, with small kids and big kid.

  5. buahahaha, i'm going to show hubby the luggage picture next time he grouches about me weighing things down traveling. :)

    Happy Halloween!

  6. Holy crap that suitcase is HUMUNGOUS!!

  7. what a great collection of pics! thanks for linking up

  8. Haha! I love that suitcase photo from the airport!

  9. That first photo is terrific. Too bad there want's a prompt after Katherine's first Fake Barbie post. This would have been such a hoot to see in that mix of insanity. Frighteningly enough it does look like a dead doll. What can I say about the suitcase photo that hasn't already been said except well done!

    It's been a blast having you in this 30 DOP3.

    I've finally gotten my outtakes posted. Couldn't be helped.

  10. Cheryl's thinking what I was thinking... that first photo looks suspiciously like Fake Barbie. Perhaps you have some secret desires you didn't share? I'm way late getting around to the last 3 days worth of 30DOPIII... it will probably take me all day today to catch up. I got my outtakes posted but forgot to get them to Mr. Linky in time. OH, well. C'est la vie.