Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15 of 30 days of photographs (My favorite food) and The Nineties Blogfest

Halfway through this photography challenge ~ my favorite food?  Has to be Mexican!

This is a carnitas soft taco with black beans, chips and salsa.  To see the favorite food of the other participants nom nom nom.

Dave Wrote This is hosting the blogfest where we list "one thing from each year from 1990 to 1999, be it a film, a TV show, a radio show, a particular episode of a TV or radio show, a piece of theatre, a book, a comic, a song, an album, a gig, a piece of artwork, something online or something else entirely, and then tell us what you love about it."

Here are the songs I enjoyed from each of those years:

1990 - Madonna performs Vogue at the MTV awards
1991 - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch hit it with the song Good Vibrations
1992 - Pearl Jam is on the charts with the song Black
1993 - Alice in Chains grinds through the song Would?
1994 - Salt 'N Pepa shake it up with the tune Whatta Man
1995 - My Love is For Real by Paula Abdul
1996 - Los Del Rio gets people moving with the Macarena
1997 - Loves me the Spice Girls and their hit Wannabe
1998 - Whatever happened to Lauryn Hill, who scored album of the year?
1999 - Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin

My favorite show from the late 90s was Ally McBeal, with her impossibly short skirts.

Books I would recommend that were published during this period:

The Shipping News. Annie Proulx
The Shipping News

Snow Falling on Cedars, David Guterson
Snow Falling on Cedars

The Firm, John Grisham
The Firm

What I miss most about the Nineties?  The booming economy.


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  1. I also love Mexican food, and probably eat a hot pepper of some kind in some form every single day.

    I'm so hungry it's killing me.

  2. Oh that looks appetizing. I love Mexican food. And, oh, how it loves me.

  3. Thanks for taking part in the blogfest.

    I recently discovered burritos and fell in love.

    Dave Wrote This

  4. I like Mexican food too. Is this big green vegitable jalapeno? It's big!

  5. I have had any good Mexican food for a while...the soft tacos and a Margarita or two would be an excellent choice for dinner - maybe tonight!

  6. That really does look good. I'm sort of making Mexican for dinner tonight, but nothing as good looking or tasting as that!

  7. Cheese, cheese, cheese, everywhere I look. I do like Mexican food, though. ;)

  8. All right, whose flippin' idea was this prompt anyway? I'm starving.

  9. I loves me some Mexican food, too. But Jamie's right... whose flippin' idea was this? I'm starving now!

  10. i loooove mexican. good choice.

  11. Ah yes!! I totally LOVE Mexican food too! So so so so yummy!

  12. I love Mexican. In fact...I made Chalupas just this evening. Good taste!!

  13. Hmmm, LOVE spicy food! Nice choice for today's theme.

  14. While the Mexican foods on your plate aren't my favorites, the colors are great and this is one dandy photo.

  15. That is the REAL DEAL there... my mouth is watering!

  16. I just sang all these songs and now I can't get them outta my head.

  17. I remember all of these artists and their songs.

    I loved Ally McBeal. I think I only missed the last season of it.