Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 14 Photography challenge topic (Eyes)

The eyes have it!  Today's photography topic being - eyes.

Zipper travels in a dog kennel when we go out of town.  It is safer for her and safer for us to have her confined.  Course, she is not too keen on that mode of travel but it is best all the way around.

Then there are baby doll mug shots - the eyes .... all of these babies sold for $5 each on  1963 Baby Pattaburp ~

"Condition:  She burped in a brief test."
Vintage plastic dolls
Antique bisque doll
Ashton Drake's "What A Catch" currently listed at $9.99.
This is my newest adoptee, Madame Alexander Americana Collection Goldfish, from  

Do you have any cherished dollies?


The Vintage Boomer said...

Love it. The vintage ones are my favorite in a scary way.

We Work For Cheese said...

Gotta say, dolls have always kind of creeped me out... and that first one you posted is reeeeeaaaally creepy looking. I wouldn't turn my back on her if I were you, okay Tami? Tami? TAMI?!?!


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