Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2 of the Photography Challenge (What You Wore Today)

One bonus of this challenge is I am learning the functions of my new camera, this one being the self timer.  Today's outfit is an ensemblage of thrift shop finds, with the exclusion of the pink and white striped Birkenstocks.  The pink sunglasses and the pirate tank top were recent finds.  The Catalina swimsuit top an earlier find, along with the brown j.t.b skirt.  I ended up holding the brown felt fedora rather than wearing it, this shot turned out to be the best of the bunch (hello ~ jazz hand).  

Uber thanks to Debumere, Life Begins at 30, for giving me a shout-out on this post  She is the host of the 30-day photography challenge I have currently joined.  

It seems we are bibliophiles (those who love to read and collect books), Debumere and I.  Snowline Hospice Thrift in Cameron Park was open on Sunday and it was 1/2 off day ~ books were on the agenda.

William Eastlake's Castle Keep in book jacket (published 1965) $4, I will have to check but I believe this is a first edition; Rod McKuen's Listen to the Warm (published 1967) and Rod McKuen's And to each season (published 1972), both McKuen books 75 cents each; Flower Guide, Revised Wild Flowers East of the Rockies in book jacket (published 1927) $4, and each page has delicate well-rendered color illustrations of the flowers.  I think I see a scan project in my future.  If I can convert those images to .jpg, then I can crop and post. 


Linda Medrano said...

You look adorable. The white highlight doesn't work for me though. But the photo was plenty for today!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Darn blogger ~ I have a heck of a time with font color (I just viewed the blog post. I'm gonna have to view them all before I post. Thx Linda~

Linda Medrano said...

It could just be my eyes Tami! I'm old you know!