Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 15 Photography challenge topic (Silhouette)

The photography challenge topic for the day - silhouette.  I have posted oak tree in silhouette, and way off in the distance you can spot Rancho Seco, a decommissioned nuclear power plant in Herald, California.

The weekend foray up to the Amador County thrift shops resulted in an Apt. 9 brown collared button up short-sleeved shirt ($3.50) at Amador Hospice Thrift Shop.  I also picked up the promotional card for the Amador County Fair Barn in the USA.  For a true hometown feel to a county fair, Amador fits the bill.  

Rather than detail out the lot pictured above, all was bought at Interfaith's Great Finds for less than $10.  The scarves I utilize as backgrounds.  The story behind the card table cover.  I bought that because the last time Mr. VZ and I were camping, I asked if there was a tablecloth for the picnic table.  "What tablecoth?" he replied.  The industrial gray table cover should be manly-man enough for the alpha male outdoorsman.


Trudy Holtz said...

Love the saltine's tin! My grandmother always used one instead of the paper boxes. They always seemed to taste fresher. Nice finds!

ChaCHA online said...

Your photos are stunning! Nice work.

Rebecca J said...

Hi! I'm visiting you back from the TGIF blog hop. I'm hoping I'll be inspired by you to be more of a COMMANDO at the thrift store...right now I'd say my thrifting style is more of a "ramble around and hope to find something cool". I go there mostly for clothes to upcycle, latest project was a Bat Girl costume for my daughter (aka Munchkin #1) - I'll be posting pics soon on my blog.