Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 23 photography challenge topic (Sunflare)

"Sunflare" today's topic and a shot from the garden - Princess Diana pink rose, hot cocoa rose and sunflower.  Also from the garden - some critter, be it wasp or scorpion, stung me not once but twice, one on each foot on Sunday so I spent this afternoon in the emergency room.  Seems I had a reaction to the bites and the infection started up my legs.  Antibiotics, tetanus shot and pain killers later, I am hobbling around with two bandaged feet.  Note to self - wear boots and long pants in the garden hereforward.

Ever have any major run-ins with demon garden insects?


Carole said...

Nice blog. I found you through Crazy Mama's fun blog hop. I linked in a post about my travel bucket list. Have a super week.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Yikes! I hope you feel better soon... Beautiful sunflare shot!

Kathy B said...

Hi just stopping by to look at all your cool photos and thrift store finds. I get a rush out of taking $10 to my fav Thrift store haunts and seeing what I can buy that I really need. I am already Christmas shopping as well that way. Thanks again for the visit, Kathy B from Southern Made In The Shade.